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This page serves as confirmation that your registration has been received for West Point Cadet Battleground Talent Showcase in Degy World on Saturday, November 28, 7:00 PM (EST) until Saturday, November 28, 10:00 PM (EST).


NOTE: The link to the Degy World account creation and software download will be sent to this email address approx. 30-60 mins prior to the official start time of the event which is Saturday, November 28, 7:00 PM (EST).  

What is Degy World?

Degy World is the newest platform released by Degy Entertainment. This immersive, virtual avatar platform contains over fifty (50) spaces including music stages, expo halls, auditoriums, meeting spaces, and much more to fulfill every use case. All guests enter as a walking/talking avatar and join the world with excitement for every event. This will be a unique way for you and your attendees to conduct important business while having tons of fun in the process.  We look forward to seeing you in Degy World soon!

What will I need to access Degy World?

ITEM 1:  Laptop or Desktop Computer (PC & Mac Compatible).
Degy World is a robust virtual experience that at the moment does not have mobile compatibility. You must download the software on one (1) of the above systems (PC or Mac) and NOT a mobile device.


ITEM 2: Headphones. Wired or Wireless.

NOTE:  If using a bluetooth headset, please make sure the headphones are connected to your computer and you test to confirm they are working on your computer PRIOR to launching Degy World. Coming into the world without headphones will create an echo when you (or others) are speaking to others and may also cause feedback making it difficult for people to speak to you.


ITEM 3: Microphone
You will also need a microphone to voice chat with those around you in Degy World. This can be built into your headset, your computer, or be an external microphone connected to your computer as well.  


ITEM 4: Review our  DEGY WORLD HUB!
Get ready to take full advantage of all that Degy World has to offer by having this resource guide open and available as you begin onboarding into Degy World.


If you would like to learn more about navigating and interacting in  Degy World prior to the software delivery, please visit our  Degy World Hub.  


Degy World Connection Details

Degy World is a robust experience that leverages many technologies in order to provide multiple ways to interact.  That said, Degy World and the registration and account creation emails may need to be allowed through certain Firewalls, Antivirus and/or certain ports in your organization’s network. Without this access, Degy World may not function properly for the user.  It’s important for your IT professionals to take a look at the information we have provided here.

Below are the links to the information needed to clear the pathway for the attendees within your organization to take full advantage of access to Degy World! 

Degy World Information and Technology Detail Site

  1. Degy World Hardware and Software Requirements

  2. Firewall, Antivirus, Email, and Application Whitelist


Should anyone from your IT department have any questions about testing or whitelisting, please have them contact .  



Calendar Invite Downloads: 
Outlook/iCal   |  Google  |  Yahoo


West Point Cadet Battleground Talent Showcase Social Media Channels
Follow for the most updated event information!



Any person(s) whose conduct is illegal, disorderly, disruptive, abusive, or the like, at the discretion of Degy World LLC., either prior to or during this event, may be refused access or immediately removed/ejected from Degy World .  Guests may not communicate messages or material that is harassing, libelous, threatening, obscene, indecent, or would violate intellectual property rights of any party or is otherwise unlawful.  Degy World LLC. will remain harmless from any claim resulting from its actions to remove/reject any user from the world.  The US Military Academy Code of Conduct will be applied at its discretion.  

Cadet Battleground Talent Showcase Nov 2
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